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You can buy sex toys if you’re under 18, but that’s not true of all adult items. For example, in most states in the U.S., it’s illegal for stores to sell sexually explicit materials, such as pornographic videos or magazines, to minors. [23]

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There are no age limits on sex toys. There are only age limits on stores that sell other adult materials such as pornography. Minors can legally buy sex toys. If it is store policy to ID you, they can do that, as they are probably not required to sell to minors. I am a Massachusetts attorney and answer questions based on Massachusetts law.

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What is the legal age to buy a sex toy? × Avvo Rating. Our Rating is calculated using information the lawyer has included on their profile in addition to the information we collect from state bar associations and other organizations that license legal professionals.

Spencer's age limits to buy a vibrator

I don't think they ask for an ID when you go. If you look at least 18, act mature enough and don't make a big deal about it, they'll probably let you buy one. If that doesn't work, you can go to a store and buy a prepaid visa card and order one online. I hope this helps and good luck. [ julie75's advice column | Ask julie75 A Question]

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since they sell sex toys like vibrators I would think 18 or 16 at the very least as you cant legally buy sex toys at a sex shop unless your 18 but maybe your allowed to go in at any age but are told to stay away from the side were they have the adult stuff im not sure, you should just go into the store and ask them

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The legal age to buy sex toys is 18. Are we not encouraging youngsters to go straight into it, without experimenting first? Do you think they should be available to 16 year olds or do you think the legal age should be raised?

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the age of 25 years old and does not have an acceptable form of photo identification (ID), like a PASS card. A shopkeeper can be fined for selling age-restricted products to people who are under age. • PASS cards have a distinctive PASS logo in the hologram. The table below shows what age you have to be to legally buy certain things.

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0 0. ok so I know to buy sex toys you have to be 18 an I know to buy condoms there is no age. well I was wondering is there a age you have to be to legally by lube... I'm over 18 an its not like either would be a problem but me and my fiance were talking about that an yeah. Updates:

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Given you could buy a harry potter broom that vibrated and was very popular with girls under 18 who could never get their parents to buy them a legit sex toy, so theres always ways around the...

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On underwear, as far as I know, no age restriction. On sex toys, on the other hand (and bondage things possibly) it's 18 On the website they have no way of knowing though, so if needs be, that's the way forward