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Vibrators Made with Phthalates Could Cause Cancer

The problem, it seems, is that sex toys with jelly-like plastic sheaths are made with phthalates — those nasty chemicals that some water bottles are made with, that can eventually seep into your ...

Dangerous Sex Toys: What You Need to Know Now About ...

The FDA cites phthalates as a probable human carcinogen but there is no legislation pending to keep them out of sex toys. When shopping for safe sex toys, choose ones that are phthalate-free.

Phthalates: The Toxic Chemicals That Might Be In Your Sex Toy ...

Typically anything that smells “plasticy” has phthalates. While people are regularly exposed to phthalates, we interact with few of these other products in quite the same, intimate way as sex toys. Phthalates are controversial because they are considered a “probable human carcinogen,” by FDA.

What you may not know about PVC and your sexual health | by ...

The material we are looking at today is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is a plastic used in the making of some sex toys. Vinyl chloride is on the Government of Canada’s Toxic Substances List .

Best Sex Toys for Men in 2021 - Men's Health

The benefits of male sex toys. Everyone can agree that masturbation is great. But when you bring a male sex toy into the mix magical things can happen, so X-rated accessories should not be sniffed at.

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Carcinogenic sex toys? Phthalates are an established carcinogenic class of chemicals that are added to a stunning array of products. They are routinely added to plastics to make them softer, and you can detect their presence by a sweet or vanilla-esque smell on dolls and toys, including sex toys.